Suzhou Function Group Co.,Ltd is a company with a long history and re-organized in 2003.
      As a division of SFG group, SFG Chemical is engaged in the production and supply of food & feed ingredients and other industry chemicals.

              Our products include Vitamin, Amino Acid, Preservative, Acidity, Mineral Additives and Aromatic Chemicals. At the same time we also provide premix service.

              Based on an excellence team and good experience of food & feed ingredients, we are dedicating to supply quality and safety products to all customers.

              SFG has been qualified by ISO9001:2000 & FAMI-QS. We always try our best to provide quality products and best service to all customers.

              SFG --- Your reliable supplier of raw material.
             Our attribute our success to:
             Our people
             Our honesty
             Our flexibility
             Our experience
             Our reliable service

      ADD: 245 Guanqian Street, Suzhou , China
      TEL:+ 86 512 65233315 / 65155118
      FAX:+ 86 512 65239533 / 65213248

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          ADD:245GuanQian Street,SuZhou,China TEL:+86 512 65233315 / 65155118
          FAX:+86 512 65239533 / 65213248